DevLog: March 2018 - Planet Tiles

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DevLog: March 2018 - Planet Tiles

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Welcome to the Galaxial development log for March!'s a bit late this month due to having some time off over Easter.

I wasn't quite happy with how the colony buildings system worked previously, so the past month has been spent improving, adding more depth, planet randomization and decision making to it.

Planets now have up to 19 tiles which can each contain one building. This is similar to how planet tiles and building placement works in the games Galactic Civilizations and Stellaris.

Below are screenshots of the interface window for viewing empty uncolonized planets.


Many planet bonuses that previously affected the whole planet have been changed to tile bonuses, which only affect the building on that tile. The chance to spawn particular tile bonuses depends on the planet type.


Buildings wont have upgrade slots anymore (Previously mentioned in this log: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=47) But there are now more individual building choices to cover the effects of the removed upgrade slots.

Most buildings (such as Hydroponics, Refineries, Shipyards and Research Facilities) have levels that can be upgraded.


Certain buildings will provide neighbor bonuses to the tiles surrounding them, so the tile layout of the planet and where you decide to place buildings will be much more important.


Planets with a large amount of tiles plus a good layout of tile bonuses are much more valuable now!


This next month will be spent working on the actual colony screen for constructing and upgrading the buildings for each tile...

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Re: DevLog: March 2018 - Planet Tiles

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Nice, very nice!
Will a demo be available soon?
I would like to talk about a site for which I write!

I'm waiting for this game too much ahahahah

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Re: DevLog: March 2018 - Planet Tiles

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Now this is really interesting. I do like Planet Development in Stellaris, so I am sure I will like it here as well.

One thing that I do not like in Stellaris is how little there is neighbooring modificators. I do think that it would be nice to have more of them and not only positive ones! Yea... I would strongly suggest give some buildings negative neighbooring modifiers, as well as mixed ones (+x% in something, -Y% in something else). Not too much of those of course... But more than Stellaris has.

Also, I would suggest to add Title Bonuses that would improve more than one thing. Like... +25% to Food Production and +30% to research. That could sometimes force on players to choose which part of bonus to accept and which sacrafice... Or to look for ways to grab both of them if possible (like in Stellaris you can grab actually food and mineral production bonus from same title with usage of Slave Processing Facility if you so desire...).

Anyway - I am really happy to see that this aspect of game is going to become bigger than it was planned to be! :D