DevLog: August 2017 - Populations and Migration

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DevLog: August 2017 - Populations and Migration

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Welcome to the Galaxial development log for August!


This month I have been working on populations, adding a lot more depth to the way they work than there was previously. Below is the new first page of the colony screen:


Each faction has their own race/culture. You can now control the migration and purge policies for each one individually.

Migration Policies
  • No Migration - Prevents population from moving to other colonies
  • Migration Allowed - Allows population to move around freely
  • Forced Resettlement - Forces the entire population to move to another colony that will accept them
  • Resettlement Destination - Assigns the colony as a destination for resettlement (can be used for creating dedicated forced labor and prison colonies :twisted:)
Purge Policies
  • Assimilate - Population is accepted into society. Over time they will gradually convert to the main culture if of the same race
  • Neutering - Population no longer grows and will eventually die out
  • Forced Labor - Population forced to work, increasing productivity and output at the colony
  • Exterminate - Population is wiped out in a short time
Different policies will affect the happiness, commerce, growth, food consumption and relations with other empires of the population group.

Passenger Transports

Passenger transport ships can be designed the same way as any other ships in the game. Once built they are automatically assigned from the reserves to the empire passenger transport command. There is a limit on how many can be active/supported at once, based on the empire size, traits and research.

The passenger transport ships are completely autonomous and cannot be given specific orders by the player. (to avoid micromanagement) Currently only the colony migration policies you set and population sizes determine the priority of where they go.

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Re: DevLog: August 2017

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*forced labor and prison colonies* Slave Planets whoohoo!

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Re: DevLog: August 2017

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Please please please let me just pay you already and allow us access to the current build.


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Re: DevLog: August 2017

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Yes I agree with the latter poster here take my money ;)