2020 any Updates?

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2020 any Updates?

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I know this game 2014 ...... so long :?

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Re: 2020 any Updates?

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I think it's incredibly safe to say that this game will never be released. Every year, Stuart has said that "this is the year" and every year, nothing. There's no point in wasting your time hoping this one will come to fruition anymore.

Even if it did, Mr. Morgan's slow pace and lack of communication would leave this game dead in space, I have little doubt.

This coming from a gigantic 4X fan and the founder of eXplorminate. I simply don't have faith anymore.

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Re: 2020 any Updates?

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Just because of the silence and discontinuing of development logs, that doesnt mean I have abandoned the game...

I am working on the game most days, when I can. According to my huge spreadsheet of finished tasks and things left to do, the game is 65% complete. So there is definitely still a long way to go. Many features have changed considerably from past development logs (for the better I think)

Developing a complex 4X space game akin to Stellaris, with one person, and an engine built from scratch is incredibly difficult and takes a long time!

I'm sorry it has taken so long, and I know its very frustrating.
There are many other reasons for the lack of pace... some are personal, so I dont wish to go into them.
If I could go back and do things differently, I would have only announced the game when it was almost complete and ready to be shown.

I would much prefer to work in silence, to keep hype to a minimum and only begin posting updates when the release is imminent.

IF it got to the point where I was going to abandon Galaxial or see no hope of ever releasing, I would post an announcement saying its the end. However... this possibility isnt on my mind, or ever has been.

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Re: 2020 any Updates?

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Keep at it. I look forward to dropping some cash on it.

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Re: 2020 any Updates?

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I may say that now, I kinda found some games that actually ARE released, and share a lot of common points with galaxial, so if there are some of you guys who are interested in new games and can't stand the no-release of galaxial, look there :

-Starsector (really close in concept to galaxial ;) )


-Sins of a Solar Empire

-plenty others... just don't stay on a game that won't be released and is being overwhelmed in terms of interest by far better and actually released games :)

Sorry Morgan, we were waiting for you 6 years ago...

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Re: 2020 any Updates?

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Keep up the good work.

If you ever get to release the game I will be ready to buy. I have followed the game for many years and Im still hyped to see it done.

Also 100% understand your wish to work more in silence. Im in a somehow similar situation myself.

Good luck with your dream and dont let anyone wear you down. They dont understand the amount of work and dedication this requires.