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I know it's too early, but there is any modding idea for the future. I'm an assiduous player of many RTS videogames, like Age of series, Supreme Commander, Command & Conquer, Empire at War and so on, and I noticed that if the game has a good support to modding it'll live much longer, even for years.

All those videogame that I mention before, but also Company of Heroes (also the first chapter) and Total War series for example, live till now thanks to modding. :think

I know that it's possible to add new "models" into the game for now (using Adobe Illustrator for drawning for example). Are there some other considerations for the future? :?: :ugeek:

I'm talking about modding support, like steam workshop!

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Re: Modding

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Its not too early for this suggestion at all, the game has been developed from the start to support limited modding. Certain things wont be moddable because of performance or complexity issues however... such as additional scripting support for game logic, AI or changing the UI layout.

The game uses a mod folder system with load orders where changes can be added. Just yesterday I was thinking that I need to add some sort of mod dependencies system while working on the passive research tree, plus a way for mods to remove things from the base game if they wish to start fresh with a new research tree for example.

Once it reaches that stage, I would like to have Steam Workshop support.