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Re: AI opponents

Post#16 » Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:39 pm

StuartMorgan wrote:What about if a planet has multiple neighboring planets. Not sure if only the one with the highest population should affect it, or add the populations of them all together and use that combined value...

Hmm... Personally I think that... That there should be very clear rule when planets' population will be added up, and when not. I think that both situations are perfectly valid in same world, but under diffrent conditions/situations. So... This is how I would see that...

If one planet in region is able to reach "High Population" status - than mentioned buff is aplied. Getting higher population will give nothing once You managed to aquire "High Population" status. So in this case there is no need for combining population from any other planet. Everything is crystal clear...

But what if somebody was simply unlucky to the point that He has plenty of planets, maybe very good planets, but none of them can get "High Population" status, and can not take roles of "Regional Capital"? And let's add that there is really VAST space to put under some sensible administration?

Of course one thing to solve problem is to make RNG that creates galaxies to not allow that to happen... BOOOOORING! Better option is to give player mechanism to counter such situation...

How about that in certian conditions two planets may form stable administration that is necessary to become "Regional Capital"? Conditions must be crystal clear for that, and would have to require some action taken by player. Or chain of actions that would streghen bonds betwen two planets.

In the end - I think that "bounding" two planets in order to form "Regional Capital" should always be inferior way if compared to having it from one capable planet. Not in it's effect - effect should be the same. But it's costs for doing and sustaining should be bigger.

Should there be possibility to make it from three planets? Sure! Why not? Just... Let's remember - conditions, conditions and one more time conditions... And 3 should be even more costly than 2...

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Re: AI opponents

Post#17 » Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:27 pm

Regional capitals... interesting idea. Well ships are able to warp right? Our communications would take as long to transmit as our ships would correct? This in theory would allow a much more centralized government if it's preferred. Local defense and supply issues would be what most regional governments would be most concerned about methinks. You would have planets act as sort of economic supply ports and forward operating bases. But perhaps that would generate some sort of greater loyalty to the regional government than the federal government. I think this would not be NEEDED to create the game however it may offer more autonomy to gameplay and diversity in the way a player could play the game. I'm certainly interested in discussing this further.

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Re: AI opponents

Post#18 » Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:33 pm

Regional Capitals... Trade Hubs... Population Centers... Core Worlds... We can use whatever name we want - core idea is that some planets will become more important than others, and will get more influence than others, and will gather more power (military, economical or political) than others. I choose to call them Regional Capitals just because this name was used in other space game that I liked. Whether they are really center of regional goverment, or just glorified supply port is open for disscusion. I like to imagine that it changes depending of technology level, form of goverment and how big Your empire has grown... But all that is just a lore - gameplay wise it would be the same... Unles it would not of course ;)

Catamus wrote:Think of it this way, you have planets next to beside each other, A-B-C-D-E-F-G are all planets A is the capital and planet F is a high population planet. Planets B, E, and G are happy since B is nearest to the capital and E and G are nearest to the planet with a higher population (planet F). This would help to create a more complex method of growth.

My idea about forming "Regional Capitals" is actually support for Your very own idea (genious idea should I say?) - in Your example planet F would become labeled "Regional Capital" and planets E and G would be under it's "jurisdiction". Thing where I would expand on that idea would be that two planets could be working together (which would generate some cost) in order to provide same benefits as one plnet of high population would without generating any additional costs. Why include those costs? Gameplay effect - so high population planets would still be better solution, than "fusions" of two with lesser population. Lorewise - maybe two planets working together on such task needs more cooperation and that generates more costs than if it would be done by only one planet?

So... In the end my idea is just a bit extended idea of Yours (which I personally like very much).

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