DevLog: June/July 2017

Official news, announcements and development updates.
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DevLog: June/July 2017

Post#1 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:10 pm

Welcome to the Galaxial development log for June/July!

My apologies that there was no devlog at the end of last month as I had lots of holiday time off, and there wasn't much "interesting" development stuff to share at the time.

The last two months was mostly spent tidying up the entire code base of the game, rewriting large amounts of code and stripping out anything old that was no longer needed.

Planet Types and Bonuses

Some other things I have been working on recently include:

  • Added Tiny and Huge planet sizes in addition to the existing Small, Medium, Large sizes.
  • Planet size now determines how many buildings can be built at a colony. (Tiny has 2 slots, Huge has 6 slots)
  • Reworking the colony graphics to reflect each planet size
  • Balancing the various planet types and bonuses

  • Better planet tooltips on the galaxy map
The planet effects such as Thin Atmosphere etc. will be listed on the colony screen in more detail, so you can see what bonuses each one provides. The galaxy map tooltip just adds them all up and displays the total for each modifier.

Building Upgrade Slots

Each building built at a colony can now have upgrade slots that provide extra bonuses to the colony.
I haven't decided how many upgrade slots each building can have yet, so the list below might change after some more testing...
Here are some examples of building upgrades:

Entertainment Center
+5% Population Happiness

  • Recreation Facility Upgrade
    +2.5% Population Happiness
  • Communal Housing Upgrade
    +5% Maximum Population
  • Hospital Upgrade
    +10% Population Growth

Mining Command Center
+10 Mining Ship Support Slots
+50% Refinery Unload Speed

  • Docking Bay Upgrade
    +25% Refinery Unload Speed
  • Processing Plant Upgrade
    +20% Refinery Efficiency
  • Resource Silo Upgrade
    +1000 Metal Storage Capacity
You can build multiple buildings of the same type on a planet.

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Re: DevLog: June/July 2017

Post#2 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:07 pm

Stuart, in the screenshot of the ice planet where you put 2,600 millions, I think its better a dot than a comma so 2.600 millions its what you mean.

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Re: DevLog: June/July 2017

Post#3 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:13 pm

TuriusRay wrote:Stuart, in the screenshot of the ice planet where you put 2,600 millions, I think its better a dot than a comma so 2.600 millions its what you mean.

The value is for 2.6 billion. (2600 million)
We don't use dots to separate thousands in the UK... so perhaps I will change it to just use a space 2 600 M or no space at all 2600 M

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